1) Google Atelier Digital offers free courses, webinars and individual coaching on digital marketing, data and personal skills to advance your career or grow your business. FR website : On this page you will find the interactive webinars (online/offline) and individual coaching sessions offered by Google Digital Workshop trainers. The online courses can be found on this page (videos).

2) ‘Digital Coordinator’ training programme: Google is offering a free, full-time, four-week training programme to train young jobseekers as ‘digital coordinators’ (multi-skilled digital marketers), in collaboration with the public employment agency VDAB. The programme covers a wide range of digital marketing topics and equips participants with the skill set they need to be directly employable in an SME with ambitions to grow but lacking digital skills. It combines theory with practical exercises and a real business case to develop not only a firm grounding but also more general skills.

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