Much of our lives takes place online these days, i.e. digitally – and this is also the case when it comes to the way we do our banking. Which is what you’d expect, because it’s quick and simple. And this digitisation offers many benefits. Trouble is, there are still lots of people who haven’t (yet) got the hang of this new digital world. That’s why the financial sector continues to develop tailor-made projects aimed at this section of the population, who find it difficult to take the plunge.

Consequently, Febelfin is proud to announce the launch of a new online training course for digital coaches – i.e. for volunteers or professionals wanting to help people to strengthen their digital skills.

  • The aim of this online training course is to provide digital coaches with the tools they need to assist digital beginners in using banking services and online payment applications (safely and securely).
  • By ‘digital beginners’, we mean any individual who is experiencing difficulties in keeping pace with the speed at which society is becoming digitised and who believes that he or she does not have sufficient digital skills at their disposal.
  • This online course is structured as follows:
    – PART 1: The approach to take with a digital beginner Helping Roger, Anissa and Louis to find their feet in the digital world
    – PART 2: Using online banking services How to use online banking services with a computer, banking app, etc. 
    – PART 3: Using online banking services in total security Helping your digital beginners to detect an attempt at fraud, what to do if they are the victim of fraud, etc. 
    – PART 4: Making digital payments  Contactless payments, paying and receiving money using banking app
  • Our aim is to use this free e-learning session to share our knowledge and to enable a maximum number of people to use online banking services and to make digital payments.


  • It’s free of charge
  • Aimed at professional and volunteer support staff
  • Reference work: the online training course provides a summary of all the tools available and the latest information about digital payments and online banking services
  • Focused on practical cases, videos and exercises
  • Option to view directly the section of the course that interests you the most
  • Dynamic content that is updated with the latest information and new material
  • Point of contact for asking all of your questions
  • Febelfin Academy certificate on completion

Want to do this online training course and help contribute towards creating a more inclusive society? Send an e-mail with your contact details (name, address, e-mail) to And please don’t hesitate to share this information with others.

If you know someone you work with or an organisation that is interested in these training courses and the knowledge they contain, please chase them up!